Welcome to Beannachar

A therapeutic and supportive environment for young adults with special needs.

Life at Beannachar

Beannachar is a Camphill Community situated in countryside on the edge of Aberdeen, two miles from the city centre. There is a large 19th century house, comprising two house communities (Sycamore and Silver Birch) and two purpose-built houses, Rose and Linden. With workshops for weaving, wool processing, woodwork, rug making, leatherwork, laundry and herb processing, and also additional co-worker accommodation (Rowan and Juniper). A large walled garden, a farm, a sports area and extensive woodland make up the 28 acres of ground.

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A Nurturing Environment

We are a community of approximately 75 people including registered residential places for up to 20 young adults with learning support needs and up to 18 day placements. Staffing is a mix of permanent live-in coworkers, temporary live-in volunteers, and employed staff. Together we strive to create a fully inclusive, nurturing and secure environment for our students. Student Placements

Meaningful Work

We are a ‘working community’, with everyone, students and staff, contributing to the meaningful work necessary for maintaining our mutual interdependence, our mutual pride in achievement, and our mutual sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves while recognising our own, irreplaceable part in that picture.

A sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself, where your participation and contribution is expected, necessary and appreciated, is a prerequisite to all human emotional development.